Download Zapya for Windows Phone App – Tutorial

Before starting with this guide to learn how to download Zapya for Windows Phone and how you can use this application on your beloved Nokia or Microsoft manufactured smartphone, you need to pass through a piece of Good news. The news is that Zapya is now available for the Windows Phone platform, officially.

Download Zapya for Windows Phone

Your main purpose behind searching Zapya app was that you were looking for an application that can enable quick sharing of files and applications between two Windows devices, right? Keeping that purpose alive, here are some alternatives you can try using.

Alternative of Zapya for Windows Phone – Easy Transfer

This is the first and best alternatives method. Easy Transfer is the free application you can use and it can offer a few of the options and facilities to enable active file sharing between two Windows powered devices having the same app.

The app doesn’t work in every case but when it does, it completes the requirement and that’s what we are looking for. It is only 2MB in size.

Alternative two – SHAREit (Unofficial)

This is an official application named SHAREit. The app is official because it is developed and live at the Windows store by the official developer of the application, which is available in Android and iOS.

You can use this app to enable file sharing feature on your beloved Windows smartphone and begin sharing files and folders at a very fast speed (so that you can download Zapya for Windows Phone). At least, faster than Bluetooth. The app uses some sort of mechanism which doesn’t require internet at all and doesn’t cost a single penny.

The app is free to use and have been used by hundreds of users till now. I even went through their reviews and found the app working. Then I tried it on my phone and it was working as it was claimed.

Zapya for Windows Phone

Use Zapya on Computer (Alternative three)

This is the last alternative and it clearly means that you can install Zapya on computer and then begin using it for your primary use of file sharing. To do so, you need to check out detailed guide which has been already published on how to download Zapya for computer.

That’s it folks. Do let me know which method you liked the best and whether or not this guide helped you. If you face any issue or problem or any other related question then write it down in the discussion section and I will come up with a solution as soon as possible.

So folks, I think you really enjoyed this amazing guide to download Zapya for Windows Phone and please keep on visiting this website in future also i.e Online Loginn

Download Zapya for Windows Phone App – Tutorial
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