SHAREit for Windows Phone Download – How to Use

In order to share files and other applications installed on your Windows Phone smartphone, you need to take help of one application named SHAREit. So, here is an instruction tutorial which is going to help you learn how you can get SHAREit for Windows Phone download and also how to use it.

Within few minutes of time, you will understand about using SHAREit on Windows Phone device and its applications and that’s what you are going to learn in this guide.

I am pretty sure you will feel an urge to share this tutorial on social network as well. So, here is your chance to learn something useful again. In our previous guide on how to download SHAREit for PC we explained how to use this amazing app on PC.

Download SHAREit for Windows Phone

In order for this application to work, your device needs to work on Windows Phone OS 8.1 version. Before starting, I should inform you of the fact that I wasn’t able to confirm whether this app is genuine or not. By genuine, I mean from the same developer which is behind this app’s existence on Android and iOS platforms.SHAREit

SHAREit for Windows Phone Download

Unfortunately, the developer is someone else, which is an indication that this app may not be the legit one. But, happy news here is that it works almost like the original and legit one.

You just need to get job done and that’s why you should be installing SHAREit app on your Windows Phone powered device.

You can download it from here.

Just to offer an alternative, if you don’t want to take the chance then you should be using SHAREit on computer using our guide. This is how you will still be able to use the app without worrying about genuineness.

As an alternative of SHAREit App for Windows Phone you can even download Zapya for Windows Phone.

SHAREit for Windows Phone Download

About SHAREit app for Windows Phone

First of all, the main application of this app is to allow users to share files and folders at a greater speed. SHAREit is capable of offering a speed which is even greater than Bluetooth and NFC, which were the two wireless data connectivity technology we used so far.

It doesn’t uses internet so doesn’t cost a dime on the phone bill. The only thing SHAREit requires here is that both the devices should be connected on same Wi-Fi networks.

If Wi-Fi networks are different then it may not be possible for sharing the files. So, this is the basic requirement you need to take care of. The app got very simple user interface to start with.

In very short time of using the app, you will learn everything about it and I am pretty sure you will get addicted with it. Buttons and labels are clearly mentioned and this clearly means that you won’t have any trouble in learning how to use it.

Just to remind you again, I didn’t find official SHAREit app for Windows Phone but this is still an alternative one. So, I recommend you to think twice before taking the decision. I personally use SHAREit on PC and it works fine.

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SHAREit for Windows Phone Download – How to Use
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